Amity Heritage Society
P.O. Box 443
Douglassville, PA 19518
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Building and Property Research

Our society provides several services to our members and the general public. One of these services is to research historic homes and buildings. This service involves many aspects of property research. We first meet with the property owners to discuss their interests and how in depth they want our research to be. Secondly, we tour the property, studying each of the building’s architectural features, literally right down to the nails. This study allows us to better understand the building’s history and help to determine what features may be original or part of a renovation. Once the architectural review is complete, we then turn to deed research.

Deeds give us an understanding of the property ownership through the years and help us to understand which of the property owners may be responsible for the construction of the buildings. In addition to deed research, we also use many different historical documents to aid us in our exploration such as tax records, census records, and wills.

Once our work is complete, we provide the property owner with a detailed report about the building’s history as well as any previous owners.

Angus Pub
Angus Pub located in Baumstown,
Exeter Township, 1998
Thompson Log
Thompson Log House located in
Gibraltar Rd, Exeter Township, 2000
Poplar Rock
Poplar Neck Settlers Cabin located in
Cumru Township, 2003
Peter Jones
Peter Jones House located on
Rt. 422 Amity Township, 2005
Toll House
Toll House located on Rt 662
& Tolgate Rd. Amity township, 2006
Pine Forge
Pine Forge Sunday School located on
Pine Forge Rd. Douglass Township, 2009

Society Photographs

The Amity Heritage Society has a vast and ever growing photograph collection in its archives.

Our photograph collection dates from the late 1800s through current day, with photographs depicting life and times of yesteryear and current historic home and property research project photos.

Most of our collection came from several local families who's ancestors took many wonderful photographs, and we thank these families for letting us copy those collections!

If you would like to allow us to copy YOUR photograph collection, whether it be large or small, please contact us.  It is very important to have these old photos copied and preserved for future generations to come.
Most of our photos are available for reproduction if you would like to have copies made of them.  There is a fee of $15.00 per photo.

To check availability and order, please contact us.

Perseveration Project

The Amity Heritage Society has been involved in many preservation projects in Berks County, PA. When a historic structure is threatened or needs removal our society can help preserve these buildings through careful disassembly. All salvageable material is saved and then reused to help persevere or maintain other historic structures. When possible we save a building in its entirety so that it can be rebuilt on an alternate site. For more information, contact us.

Perserveration Project

Standing by the original front door are Larry Clauser, Nicholas Barbera, Dale Miller & Charles Miller