Amity Heritage Society
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Douglassville, PA 19518
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The Amity Heritage Society has held public meetings as an organization since the summer of 1997, the first of which was held at the Amity Elementary School. Currently our meetings take place in our building, the Fairview Union Sunday School, located at Fairview Chapel Road and Route 422 in Exeter Township. Our meetings are held bi-monthly on the third Sunday of the month from 1:30 to 4:30 and cover many different aspects of historical interest.

Attendance has been up to forty people, depending upon the interest in the various topics of our local heritage. The subjects of the meetings vary and include talks about historic preservation projects, displays of photographs of our area’s heritage, as well as reports about ongoing archaeological field projects. We also discuss in depth research projects of historical sites, villages, and historical buildings in and around our region. The business of the society is also conducted in which we report the group’s dealings.

In addition, these meetings provide an opportunity for many people to gather and socialize and share their items of interest or stories that help to make our local history come alive. Guest speakers have lectured on their particular area of expertise that many find very informative.

We invite all to come and share in this wonderful historical experience.

Meeting Notice - January 17th - 1:30 PM

Dear Friends and Members of Amity Heritage Society,

This month’s meeting on March 21 at 1:30 will consist of a presentation of a rare collection of St. Paul’s publication known as “Our Church Papers.”

These “Church Papers” were published from January 1888 to December 1896. They include many interesting stories about those who lived in Amity Township during this time. “Our Church Papers” is a glimpse into the social and religious lifestyle of Amity Township and the surrounding area.

Also, we will present items from the 1915 Amity Pageant. This event was a celebration of our township’s historical heritage and was held to commemorate many of the significant historical events in Amity Township’s early history.

We are going to show six rare pictures of the 1911 St. Lawrence tornado. These six postcards depict the damage that was caused by this tornado in the St. Lawrence area. We also have a copy of the March 28, 1911, Reading Eagle article documenting the tornado.

Hope to see you on the 21st!


Pine Forge Manor House

AHS meeting held at Pine Forge Manor House March 22, 2009