Amity Heritage Society
P.O. Box 443
Douglassville, PA 19518
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Our society provides library services to the general public. This library includes many reference materials and volumes of historical information dating from the colonial period.

We have accumulated hundreds of deeds describing properties from our area as well as many files on other historical structures. Our deeds are listed by names of grantors and grantees. In addition, the library includes a surname vertical file. Also, we have many wills from the colonial period, indexed alphabetically by name.

Our resources include church records of our region, census records and many newspaper articles of historical interest. Stop by to view our numerous resources.

We have roughly 600 pictures with detailed descriptions, indexed by surname, location, church records, township, and borough.


St. Paul's Union Church, Amityville, 1754 - 1911
Births, Marriages, Deaths
St. Paul's Cemetery, Amityville
St. Gabriel's Episcopal 1753 - 1959
St. Gabriel's Cemetery
St. Gabriel's History
Salem Reformed Church, Spangsville, Oley Twp., 1763 - 1856 Salem Reformed Church Cemetery, Spangsville
Quaker Exeter Monthly Meeting Records Vol. II
Quaker Robeson Monthly Meeting Records beginning 1789 Quaker Robeson Burial Ground
Plow Union Church, Robeson Twp., 1770 - 1958
Trinity Reformed Pottstown, Montgomery County 1770 - 1865 Emmanuel Lutheran, Pottstown 1777 - 1872
Emmanuel Lutheran & Zion's Union Church Cemeteries
New Hanover Lutheran, Montgomery Co.


Numerous deeds indexed by grantor & grantee, Amity Twp.


Ball Cousins by Margaret Kinsey
Indexed by surname, random



Amity, Exeter, Robeson 1854
Amity, Exeter, Robeson 1862
Amity, Exeter, Robeson 1876
Amity Township 1850


Amity Township tax records for 1731, 1752, 1754, 1767, 1768, 1772, 1779 1780, 1781, 1784, 1785, 1786
Landholders in Amity Township 1734


Numerous Amity Township wills prior to 1800


Amity Township 1790 & 1850


Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens of Berks County by Biographical Publishing Co.
Amity Township Bicentennial Souvenir Book - 1976
Amity Township 250th Anniversary Book 1719 - 1969
Fragments of the Past (Oley) by Peter Bertolet
The Petitioners ( signatures of persons petitioning to have townships formed) by James Beidler, Florence Heydt, Annette Burgert


Berks & Schuylkill Journal Death Abstracts 1816 - 1832