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Peter Jones Homestead Preservation Project

The Amity Heritage Society is now in the process of preserving the Peter Jones Homestead located in Amity Township at the NW corner of Rt 422 and Maplewood drive (catycorner to Wawa). Greystone Capital Partners proposed plans necessitate the buildings removal by March 15, 2005. They are cooperating with us to allow AHS the opportunity to preserve the building as well as contributing $10,000 towards the project.

Our township supervisors are also involved and will be helping as well. Our local politicians, Dennis Leh, state representative and Sen. John C. Rafferty are contributing with the effort by raising funds at the state level.

Our plans are to either pick the building up and move it to a neighboring site or to disassemble the building and reassembe it sometime in the future at another location. The cost to move the building is close to $100,000.00 with $76,800.00 already committed.

In the future the bldg will serve as our museum as well as house the Amity Twp Historical Archives. This historic structure will also represent a piece of Berks Co. colonial history, as Peter Jones was the grandson of Mounce Jones, who established to village of Morlatton, Berks Co 1st settlement. We respectfully ask your help with this endeavor, so that we may reach our financial goals in the required time frame.